General Format


The International Workshop on Folk Music Analysis (FMA) is a yearly workshop bringing together researchers from the fields of ethnomusicology, musicology and music information retrieval (MIR). It provides a forum that encourages sharing of ideas, needs, research methods and discoveries, among ethnomusicologists, musicians, librarians, students, museum curators, computer science experts and music information retrieval researchers. The aim is to foster cross-disciplinary collaborative networks and the development of new interdisciplinary tools and techniques that promote an enriched understanding of traditional musics and the preservation/dissemination of world musical cultural heritage.

Scientific Program

The program consists of two or three days with one track of oral presentations, poster sessions, one or more keynote addresses, a social program, and possibly other elements.


Authors are invited to submit either:

  • Extended abstract (1 or 2 pages A4)
  • Full paper (4 to 6 pages A4)

Both extended abstracts and full papers will be peer reviewed. The review process is not double-blind. Authors will be provided with the decision on acceptance and with the reviewers’ remarks. Authors are expected to prepare a camera-ready final version of the contribution to be included in the proceedings.
By accepting both abstracts and final papers, we aim to make the workshop accessible for both humanities and science attendees.


The reviewed abstracts and full papers will be published online during or short after the workshop. The proceedings book will be published or deposited to a suitable archive which guarantees long-term accessibility and citability.

Presentation modes

Poster and oral presentations have the same status. One is not to be considered of higher importance than the other. The accompanying papers have the same status in the proceedings. Submissions that are considered of general interest for all participants are eligible for oral presentation, while more specific topics are better presented during a poster session.